Modus Ponens and Existence Updating

  • Ellen Hisdal née Gruenwald
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 14)


Classical logic attaches great importance to the ‘Law of Detachment’ or ‘modus ponens’ in connection with inferences (see, e.g., Kleene [57, p. 34] or Suppes [83, sect. 2.3]). This chapter deals therefore in some detail with such inferences as a special case of ‘generalized modus ponens updating’ defined in definition 13.3.1. Modus ponens inferences require type 2 updating of an IF THEN statement or structure by non-IF THEN information. The reason for this and examples of such updating are given in sections 13.3.2, 13.4 respectively. The examples of section sect. 13.4 include also modus ponens updating of an IF THEN structure with several probability rows.


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