Neuro-fuzzy(-genetic) rule-based classifier designed from data for intelligent decision support

  • Marian B. Gorzałczany
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 86)


Effective techniques for computer-based decision support are important tools nowadays for professionals in a great number of fields including industry, economy, finance, medicine, etc. There are numerous definitions of decision support systems — see, e.g., a survey in [9]. In general, however, decision support implies the use of computers to [162]: a) assist decision makers in their decision processes, b) support, rather than replace, human expert judgement, and c) improve the effectiveness of decision making. Following [268]: “decision support systems allow a human decision maker to combine his or her judgement with computer output in a human/machine interface for producing meaningful information to support the decision making process. As deemed appropriate, they utilize mathematical and statistical models as well as database elements for solving the problem under study. From an overall standpoint, decision support systems can be looked upon as an integral part of the decision maker’s approach to problem solving that stresses a broad perspective by employing the ‘management by perception’ principle”.


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