A Contribution to Stochastic Modeling Volcanic Petroleum Reservoir

  • Sutawanir Darwis
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The hydrocarbon reservoir data do not stem from a statistical designed experiment. Wells are drilled to pump oil and are sampled for data. In some cases the limits of the reservoir are not known beforehand from the geology. They have to be determined from the well data as information becomes available. The uncertainty about geometry of the reservoir introduces a source of error. This justifies the use of stochastic approach, which generate a range of possible reservoir models, respecting the information that is available. Stochastic simulation is an algorithm that allow generating multiple realizations of a spatial process and conditioned to reproduce the sample values at their locations in space. Stochastic simulation can handle sparse, nongridded, and correlated data. This article presents an overview of petroleum reserves estimation methods and proposes a conditional simulation approach to assess the uncertainty of the reserves evaluation on a volcanic reservoir. Conditional simulation seems to be a suitable tool for estimating the volume of hydrocarbon in place and to indicate local anomalies.


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