Cross-ambiguity and Wigner Functions

  • Maurice A. de Gosson
Part of the Pseudo-Differential Operators book series (PDO, volume 7)


The Heisenberg–Weyl and Grossmann–Royer operators allow us to define in a particular simple way two classical objects from symplectic harmonic analysis, namely the cross-ambiguity and Wigner functions, which are symplectic Fourier transforms of each other. Wigner introduced the eponymic distribution in 1932 as a substitute for a phase space probability density, but he did that in an ad hoc way, a kind of “lucky guess” one could say. It has since then been realized that the Wigner distribution (and its companion, the cross-ambiguity function) have a very natural meaning in Weyl calculus, and that they can be simply defined in terms of the Grossmann–Royer and Heisenberg–Weyl operators of last chapter.


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