Mark Grigorievich Krein (on his 100th birthday anniversary)

  • I. Gohberg
Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 190)


It is a great pleasure and a special honor to participate in this conference dedicated to the 100th birthday of a great mathematician of our time, Mark Grigorievich Krein. The conference was organized in the wonderful Southern town of Odessa, the town that he regarded with love and affection. The main organizer of this conference is Odessa University, the university where M.G. was a doctoral student, where he completed his studies under the instructorship of the famous N.G. Chebotaryov. In the thirties Krein created one of the strongest centers of functional analysis throughout the world at Odessa University. Many of his results of this period, as well as joint results with his friends, colleagues and outstanding students are now characterized as classical and appear in all textbooks on functional analysis.


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