Limits of Thompson’s Group F

  • Roland Zarzycki
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Let F be the Thompson’s group 〈x 0 , x 1 vb[x 0 x−1 1 , x−i 0 x 1 xi 0 ], i=1,2.〉 Let G n =〈y 1 ,..., y m , x 0 , x 1 vb[x 0 x−1 1 , x−i 0 x 1 xi 0 ], y −1 j g j,n (x 0 , x 1 ), i=1, 2, jm〉, where g jn , (x 0 , x 1 ) ∈ F, n ∈ N, be a family of groups isomorphic to F and marked by m+2 elements. If the sequence (G n )n<ω is convergent in the space of marked groups and G is the corresponding limit we say that G is an F-limit group. The paper is devoted to a description of F-limit groups.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

20E06 20E18 20F69 


Thompson’s Group F limit groups HNN-extensions free products group laws 


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