The Resultant Matrix and its Generalizations. II. The Continual Analogue of the Resultant Operator

  • Israel Gohberg
  • Georg Heinig
Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 206)


Let A(λ) and B(λ) (λ ∈ ℂ1) be entire functions of the form \( \mathcal{A}(\lambda ) = a_0 + \int_0^\tau {a(t)e^{i\lambda t} dt} , \mathcal{B}(\lambda ) = b_0 + \int_{ - \tau }^0 {b(t)e^{i\lambda t} dt} , \) where a 0, b 0 ∈ ℂ1, a(t) ∈ L 1(0, τ), b(t) ∈ L 1(−τ, 0), and τ is some positive number.


Entire Function Vector Function Resultant Operator Operator Function Matrix Function 


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  • Georg Heinig

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