Southern South America and the term ‘Patagonia’


Trees in Patagonia — our book’s title — refers in a general, open sense to the vast region in southern South America which is also addressed as El Cono Sur, but better known in the entire world as Patagonia. The exact meaning of this latter term, however, is still a matter of controversy, a fact that immediately falls into one’s attention by looking at several attempts to set clear cut boundaries to the region termed ‘Patagonia’. Let us consider a few examples:

R. Magin Casamiquela (in Guía turística YPF [of the República Argentina](1998)) distinguishes Eastern Patagonia from Western Patagonia. According to this author, the northern and southern boundaries of these two regions can be defined as follows: Eastern Patagonia comprises the area between the river Colorado in the north and the Strait of Magellan in the south.


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