Carl Skottsberg’s “modest expedition” — A look at the scientific discovery of Patagonia

  • Guido Vittone


We owe the scientific discovery of Patagonia to the unflinching efforts of European, American, Argentine and Chilean explorers who undertook adventurous explorations on their own behalf or who participated in different schemes of scientific expeditions. Several of these enterprises deserve to be taxed as heroic pioneer deeds, almost unconceivable in our days. Among these, the remarkable “Swedish Magellanic Expedition” (1907–1909) led by Skottsberg stands aloft. It provides an extraordinary insight into the energy, courage, and perseverance involved in an enterprise of such a magnitude. However, the fact that we concentrate ourselves in retracing Skottsberg’s voyage does in no way imply that we either intend to diminish the efforts of so many other explorers or to relegate the results they obtained to a second level.


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