Afforestations with Pinaceae in zones of transition

  • Ingeniero Agrónomo Arnoldo E. Díaz


A long, narrow strip of land, adjoining the Cordillera de los Andes to the East and running north-to-south from latitude 37° S to 44° S within the scope of meridian 71°W encompasses the areas suitable for afforestation. Being about 750 km long and around 50 km wide, this zone of transition extends westwards to the regions of the Andean Patagonian forests, whereas eastwards it gradually merges with the Patagonian steppe. Its altitude above sea level varies between 200 m and 1000 m, and the annual rainfall fluctuates from 1200 mm (in the realm of the Andean Patagonian forests) to 400 mm (in the immediate vicinity of the Patagonian steppe itself).


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