Genera and species of gymnosperms


Evergreen, monoecious tree, up to 25 m tall. Bark smooth, fissured on old trees. Buds ovoid, resinous. Twigs glabrous, brownish. Leaves linear and rigid, 1.5—2 cm long, acute and pungent, with one stomatic band on the upper side and two on the underside, arranged densely and in almost perpendicular radii around the shoot, conveying it a cylindrical appearance, somewhat more densely above. Male cones axillary, in groups. Female cone upright, 8—12 cm long, seed scales and bracts eventually falling off the cone axis which remains for long on the branch; seeds winged. — Fl. 9—10. Fr. (ripe cones) 4—6.


Short Shoot Female Cone Male Cone Pinus Pinea Young Twig 
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