Pseudo-Galois Extensions and Hopf Algebroids

  • Lars Kadison
Conference paper
Part of the Trends in Mathematics book series (TM)


A pseudo-Galois extension is shown to be a depth two extension. Studying its left bialgebroid, we construct an enveloping Hopf algebroid for the semi-direct product of groups, or more generally involutive Hopf algebras, and their module algebras. It is a type of cofibered sum of two inclusions of the Hopf algebra into the semi-direct product and its derived right crossed product. Van Oystaeyen and Panaite observe that this Hopf algebroid is nontrivially isomorphic to a Connes-Moscovici Hopf algebroid.


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  • Lars Kadison
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of Pennsylvania, David Rittenhouse LaboratoryPhiladelphiaUSA

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