Our Dad’s Mathematics

  • Zvia Faro-Gohberg
  • Yanina Israeli-Gohberg


Our Dad is Professor Israel Gohberg. It is not so easy to be a daughter of a famous mathematician. As little girls we slept in Dad’s library, where along the walls stood bookshelves. They were filled with mathematical books with strange words on the covers. We did not understand the titles of the books and always were very curious to know what they meant. When we learned to read, we tried to find out the answers, and even read through the first couple of pages, but there were no pictures inside and it did not clarify anything. On the contrary, our curiosity increased and even more than before we desired a simple explanation to the question: what are all these books about?


Convex Body Functional Space Perpendicular Line Combinatorial Geometry Covering Number 
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