Service Composition

  • Bastian Blankenburg
  • Luis Botelho
  • Fábio Calhau
  • Alberto Fernández
  • Matthias Klusch
  • Sascha Ossowski
Part of the Whitestein Series in Software Agent Technologies and Autonomic Computing book series (WSSAT)


One of the striking advantages of Web Service technology is the fairly simple aggregation of complex services out of a library of other composite or atomic services. The same is expected to hold for the domain of Semantic Web Services such as those specified in WSMO or OWL-S. The composition of complex services at design time is a well-understood principle which is nowadays supported by classical workflow and AI planing based composition tools (cf. Chapter 4).


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  • Bastian Blankenburg
  • Luis Botelho
  • Fábio Calhau
  • Alberto Fernández
  • Matthias Klusch
  • Sascha Ossowski

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