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Non-commutative Geometry and the Spectral Model of Space-time

  • Alain Connes
Part of the Progress in Mathematical Physics book series (PMP, volume 53)


This is a report on our joint work with A. Chamseddine and M. Marcolli. This essay gives a short introduction to a potential application in physics of a new type of geometry based on spectral considerations which is convenient when dealing with non-commutative spaces, i.e., spaces in which the simplifying rule of commutativity is no longer applied to the coordinates. Starting from the phenomenological Lagrangian of gravity coupled with matter one infers, using the spectral action principle, that space-time admits a fine structure which is a subtle mixture of the usual 4-dimensional continuum with a finite discrete structure F. Under the (unrealistic) hypothesis that this structure remains valid (i.e., one does not have any “hyperfine” modification) until the unification scale, one obtains a number of predictions whose approximate validity is a basic test of the approach.


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