The Tangential Center-Focus Problem

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As is well known, the second part of Hilbert’s 16th problem is concerned with bounding the number of limit cycles in a polynomial system (1.2) of degree n in terms of n. This is a very hard problem, but Arnold has suggested a “Weak Hilbert’s 16th problem” which seems far more tractable: to find a bound on the number of limit cycles which can bifurcate from a first-order perturbation of a Hamiltonian system,
$$ \dot x = - \frac{{\partial H}} {{\partial y}} + \varepsilon P,\dot y = \frac{{\partial H}} {{\partial x}} + \varepsilon Q, $$
where the Hamiltonian, H, is a polynomial of degree n + 1 and the perturbation terms, P and Q are polynomials of degree m.


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