Homotopy invariance of stabilised algebraic K-theory

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There are many interesting algebras that are not local Banach algebras (see Exercise 2.14), so that the results of Chapter 2 do not apply to them. Problems with homotopy invariance already occur in a purely algebraic context: the evaluation homomorphism
$$ ev_0 :A[t]: = A \otimes _\mathbb{Z} \mathbb{Z}[t] \to A $$
for a ring A need not induce an isomorphism on K0 although it is a homotopy equivalence. Since ev0 is a split-surjection, the induced map K0(A[t]) → K0(A) is always surjective. Its kernel is denoted NK0(A) (see [109, Definition 3.2.14]) and may be non-trivial. An example for this is A = ℂ[t2,t3] (see [109, Exercise 3.2.24]).


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