Best Constants for Other Geometric Inequalities on the Heisenberg Group

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As the point of departure for this final chapter, we return to the equivalence of the isoperimetric inequality with the geometric (L1-) Sobolev inequality. As shown in Section 7.1, the best constant for the isoperimetric inequality agrees with the best constant for the geometric (L1-) Sobolev inequality. Recall that in the context of the Heisenberg group, the Lp-Sobolev inequalities take the form
$$ \left\| u \right\|_{4p/(4 - p)} \leqslant Cp(\mathbb{H})\left\| {\nabla _0 u} \right\|_p , u \in C_0^\infty (\mathbb{H}). $$
In this chapter we discuss sharp constants for other analytic/geometric inequalities in the Heisenberg group and the Grushin plane. These include the Lp-Sobolev inequality (9.1) in the case p = 2, the Trudinger inequality (9.14), which serves as a natural substitute for (9.1) in the limiting case p = 4, and the Hardy inequality (9.24), a weighted inequality of Sobolev type on the domain ℍ \ {o}.


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