Positive semigroups in L1-spaces

Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 173)


In this chapter, we investigate asymptotic properties of one-parameter positive semigroups in L1(Ω, Σ, μ), where (Ω, Σ, μ) is a measure space with a σ-finite measure μ. In the last section, we shall also consider the theory of Markov semigroups in so-called non-commutative L1-spaces. For one-parameter positive semigroups in L1-spaces, there is a rich theory, which includes many results on the existence of invariant densities, criteria for asymptotic stability, decomposition theorems, etc. (cf. [71]).

The choice of results presented in this chapter is motivated mainly by the author’s research interests, and it does not reflect the present state of the very broad asymptotic theory of positive semigroups in L1-spaces. We send the reader for many other important aspects of this theory and for their applications to books of Foguel [43], Krengel [67], Lasota and Mackey [71], and Schaefer [110].


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