Quelques Résultats sur Certaines Fonctions à Lieu Singulier de Dimension 1

  • Daniel Barlet
Conference paper
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This text is a survey on my recent work [B.04] on some holomorphic germs having a one dimensional singular locus. An analogous of the Brieskorn module of an isolated singularity is defined and a finiteness theorem is proved using Kashiwara’s constructibility theorem. A bound for the (finite dimensional) torsion is also obtained. Non existence of torsion is proved for curves (reduced or not) an this property is stable by “Thom-Sebastiani” adjunction of an isolated singularity. This provides a lot of examples in any dimension where our formula r = μ(f)+v(f) generalizing the Milnor number formula, is valid.


Isolate Hypersurface Singularity Holomorphic Germ Suite Exacte Condition Suivante Hyperplane Transverse 
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  • Daniel Barlet
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  1. 1.Institut E. Cartan, UMR 7502 CNRS/UHP/INRIAUniversitée H. Poincaré et Institut Universitaire de FranceVandoeuvre-les-NancyFrance

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