Get touched — Bodycare as a design of media for self-perception

  • Eva Kristin Stein


Well, here I am, a modern-day product designer. And besides just me: a part of my work. This is before you in the following, to me somewhat monotonous haptical performance; finished upon this keyboard designed for the purpose of the creation of text. As too often occurs in the creative design of objects, the resulting achievement and the process of creation must be presented in a reproduced form; that is, with text and photographs. Just like a printed rendering, this is a replacement for objects — unprinted, expressionless, a visual manifestation of meaning — printed out, it becomes simply an effigy. It remains problematic that I am unable to convey the subject matter in its comprehensible touchable form, because this is nothing more and nothing less than a pictorial narrative. Thus, I begin in traditional form.


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  • Eva Kristin Stein
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  1. 1.Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design HalleHalle/SaaleGermany

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