The Berlin period 1741–1766


On June 19, 1741, Euler set out on the journey from St. Petersburg to Berlin, with his wife Katharina, the first-born Johann Albrecht, the one- year-old toddler Karl and - probably - the brother Johann Heinrich131 - in the luggage the calling document of Frederick II, which had been de- livered to him on February 15,1741, by von Mardefeld ,and in which he was assured a yearly salary of 1,600 Taler along with reimbursement for travel expenses in the amount of 500 Taler.132 After a three-week’s journey on sea, the party arrived in Stettin, where Euler was greeted most cordially by various honorabilities and visited a disputation at the “Gymnasium”. On July 22,the journey continued by coach and carriage toward Berlin, where the Euler family happily arrived at last on July 25.133


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