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Antioxidant/Pro-oxidant Actions of Carotenoids

  • Kyung-Jin Yeum
  • Giancarlo Aldini
  • Robert M. Russell
  • Norman I. Krinsky
Part of the Carotenoids book series (CAROT, volume 5)


In recent years numerous reviews have discussed in detail the antioxidant action of carotenoids [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. The existence of an antioxidant effect has been questioned by some, however [6]. In addition, there is the complication that, under some circumstances, carotenoids exhibit a pro-oxidant effect [7,8], although some authors do not believe that this occurs in vivo [9]. The fundamental chemistry of carotenoid radicals and radical ions, as a basis for understanding mechanisms of antioxidant/pro-oxidant actions, is presented in Volume 4, Chapter 7.


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