Universal Anisotropy and Inhomogeneity of Space

  • Roland Pabisch
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In 1968 Heer and Kohl [26] presented a paper about a “Theory for the measurement of the earth’s velocity through the 3°K cosmic radiation”. Already in 1969 Conklin [27] and then in 1977 Smoot, Gorenstein and Muller [1] reported about an experimentally observed dipol anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background radiation. This observation was readily interpreted as due to the motion of Earth relative to the radiation with a mean velocity of 390 ± 60 kms-1 [1]. More recent measurements yielded |uEarth| = 350kms-1 towards the constellation Leo (right ascension α = 1lh.2 and declination δ = -6°.l) [17].


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