Functional Specification of JPEG Decompression, and an Implementation for Free

  • Jeroen Fokker
Conference paper
Part of the Eurographics book series (EUROGRAPH)


A decoder for images compressed by the JPEG algorithm is stated in the pure functional programming language Gofer. The program can be regarded as a mathematical specification of the decompression algorithm; the concise description (which is included almost in full) is very suitable for learning about the algorithm. At the same time the ‘specification’ is an executable program, which shows the usefulness of a functional programming language as a prototyping tool for graphics algorithms.

All functions are defined as much as possible at the function level, i.e., as compositions of other functions. A tutorial on the important concept of a ‘State Monad’, which plays an important role in the program, is included. From a functional programming theoretical point of view, the new technique of currying a state monad, which is introduced, and its application in the program, are interesting.


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