Experiments with Polarized 3He and Muonic 3He: Pion Elastic Scattering and Muon Capture

  • O. Häusser
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 9)


Novel asymmetry measurements on the A=3 system using secondary beams of pions and muons have recently become feasible. Asymmetries A y for π + elastic scattering have been measured for the first time across the P 33 resonance region. The asymmetries are large and change sign between 180 and 256 MeV. The data disagree in detail with calculations that use Faddeev wavefunctions for 3He and first-order optical potentials. Inclusion of a Δ-neutron spin-spin interaction greatly improves the agreement with the data.

Muonic 3He has been polarized on the time scale of the muon lifetime by direct spin exchange with optically pumped Rb vapor. Asymmetries for 1.9 MeV tritons from muon capture have been observed for the first time. With future improvements of the experiment the vector analyzing power for the tritons may provide an accurate and nearly model independent value for the induced pseudoscalar coupling g p of the weak interaction.


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