Pion Nucleus Scattering

  • G. R. Smith
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 8)


Recent results from pion-nucleus scattering will be presented, with emphasis on light systems. In particular, recent studies of π±p differential cross sections, partial total cross sections, and analyzing powers will be highlighted and compared to previous data where they exist. The new data make a strong case for a re-evaluation of many long-accepted results. For example, they point to a lower value of the πNN coupling constant (which to a great extent removes the Goldberger-Triemann discrepancy), a change in the mass and width of the P33 πN partial wave (the ++), isospin breaking and charge splitting, different values for the πN scattering lengths, and a slightly higher value for the πN term, which is an explicit measure of chiral symmetry breaking and can be related to the strange sea quark content of the proton.

Other recent work in the πN system will be summarized briefly, including studies of H(π±, 2π) at TRIUMF. Besides providing more precise values of the r r scattering lengths and chiral symmetry breaking parameter within the context of soft-pion theory, the new (π, 2π) data are being analyzed within a Chew-Low framework in order to compare ππ scattering lengths, amplitudes, and phase shifts more directly to the predictions of chiral perturbation theory.


Differential Cross Section Scintillation Counter Chiral Symmetry Breaking Chiral Perturbation Theory Partial Wave Analysis 
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