Visualization of Internal Combustion Simulations in a Modular Environment

  • Andrea O. Leone
  • Riccardo Scateni
Conference paper
Part of the Eurographics book series (EUROGRAPH)


We describe here a solution to the problem of visualizing the results of simulations of a combustion chamber in a power plant. We used for this a modular visualization environment: Iris Explorer.

We sketch first the fluid-dynamics problem to solve, and then we focus our attention on how to face the visualization problems, especially how to visualize several different scalar fields at the same time.

Then we describe our proposed environment for the solution with the description of several new modules for Iris Explorer we implemented describing their advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, we talk about the possible future evolutions of the project.


Vector Field Scalar Field Combustion Chamber Computer Graphic Volume Rendering 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Andrea O. Leone
    • 1
  • Riccardo Scateni
    • 1
  1. 1.CRS4 — Center for Adv. StudiesR&D in Sardinia Scientific Visualization GroupCagliariItaly

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