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  • Charles G. Drake
  • Sydney J. Peerless
  • Juha A. Hernesniemi


The first case of this series of vertebrobasilar aneurysms was operated on in January 1959 and is described in detail in Chapter 9. In 1960, at the time of the senior author’s first report on the intracranial treatment of five ruptured basilar artery aneurysms, only seven other treated basilar aneurysms could be found in the literature; of these, only four had been clipped. A few operations had been reported for smaller aneurysms at the more accessible sites on the posterior circulation: vertebral, posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA), P2 and basilar artery branches in the cerebellopontine angle (Fig. 1.1). Remarkably, nine procedures for giant globular or fusiform aneurysms had been done, but with a high mortality (Fig. 1.2).


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