The BERKOM Multimedia Teleservices

  • Joachim Schaper
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This paper reports the BERKOM Multimedia Teleservice project, which is a joint effort between the German PTT and various companies and research organizations to build prototypes for future broadband public services. The goal of this paper is to give an introduction to the overall design of the services, their architecture and to describe the current implementation state. After a problem description of multimedia applications according to open heterogenous network environements, the specific project context of BERKOM is introduced. The services Multimedia Collaboration (MMC), Multimedia Mail (MMM), and the Multimedia Transport system (MMT) will be described. A summary on our current experience in providing an implementation on top of Alpha AXP and OSF/1 of the 3 subsystems provides the Digital expierence within the consortium. An outline of the future work gives directions for the focus for the next few years.


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