MHEG, Scripts, and Standardisation Issues

  • Thomas Casey
  • Joseph Fromont
Conference paper
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Complex issues involve the relationship between MHEG objects and scripts, and the problems encountered in developing standards within this domain. MHEG, ISO 13522 -1, is a DIS (Draft International Standard) [MHEG 93] that specifies the encoding for Multimedia Hypermedia information for interchange. This same ISO working group is responsible for the standardisation of encoding for Audio Visual Interactive Scriptware (AVIs) and providing extensions to MHEG encodings for support of scripting languages, MHEG part 3. Within ITU, Study Groups are developing recommendations for services and protocols that will support AVI services[ITU-T 93]. Much of the activity in ISO JTC 1/SC 29/WG 12, and ITU SG 11/Q.8 is aligned; in some cases joint text may be published.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of the problems involving multimedia hypermedia object interchange, presentation and interaction supported by scripts in a distributed environment, and the current status of the work of ISO and ITU-T standards groups with respect to their views of the problems.


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  • Joseph Fromont
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  2. 2.CCETTFrance

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