Production of Antihyperon-Hyperon Pairs at Lear

  • K. Kilian
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 7)


The reactions \( \bar{p}p \to \bar{Y}Y \) and pp \( \bar{Y}Y + {{X}^{0}} \) are investigated at LEAR in the momentum range from theshold up to 2 GeV/c. Integrated and differential cross sections as well as polarizations and spin correlations have been measured for the \(\bar \wedge \wedge\) channel. Total and differential cross sections were also obtained for the charged \(\bar \sum \sum\), the \(\bar \wedge \sum\) and the \( \bar{ \wedge } \wedge {{\pi }^{{\text{0}}}} \) channels. The data allow to test theoretical predictions based on boson exchange models or models inspired by effective quarks.


Differential Cross Section Partial Wave Spin Correlation Beam Momentum Meson Exchange 
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