Replication and translation of cowpea mosaic virus RNAs are tightly linked

  • J. Wellink
  • H. van Bokhoven
  • O. Le Gall
  • J. Verver
  • A. van Kammen
Conference paper
Part of the Archives of Virology Supplementum book series (ARCHIVES SUPPL, volume 9)


The genome of cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV) is divided among two positive strand RNA molecules. B-RNA is able to replicate independently from M-RNA in cowpea protoplasts. Replication of mutant B-transcripts could not be supported by co-inoculated wild-type B-RNA, indicating that B-RNA cannot be efficiently replicated in trans. Hence replication of a B-RNA molecule is tightly linked to its translation and/or at least one of the replicative proteins functions in cis only. Remarkably also for efficient replication of M-RNA one of its translation products was found to be required in cis. This 58K protein possibly helps in directing the B-RNA-encoded replication complex to the M-RNA. In order to identify the viral polymerase the CPMV B-RNA-specific proteins have been produced individually in cowpea protoplasts using CaMV 35S promoter based expression vectors. Only protoplasts trans- fected with a vector containing the 200K coding sequence were able to support replication of co-transfected M-RNA. Despite this, CPMV- specific RNA polymerase activity could not be detected in extracts of these protoplasts using a poly(A)/oligo(U) assay. These results indicate that, in contrast to the poliovirus polymerase, the CPMV polymerase is not able to accept oligo(U) as a primer and in addition support the concept that translation and replication are linked.


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  • H. van Bokhoven
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  • O. Le Gall
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  • J. Verver
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