Technology CAD at OKI

  • K. Nishi
  • J. Ueda


In this article, the outline of Technology CAD at OKI is described. TCAD system at OKI, or UNISAS, is a unified process/device/circuit simulation system, and offers a user-friendly simulation environment for OKI’s process, device and circuit engineers. Multi-dimensional process and device simulators, OPUS and ODESA constitutes the core of UNISAS and can be used for versatile device structures for various purposes. Physics-based simulators constitute another part of UNISAS, and are used mainly for modeling purpose. UNISAS has already been used quite extensively by engineers for actual process and device development and is now an indispensable tool for low-cost, fast TAT VLSI development.


Device Structure Device Simulation Boron Implantation Device Shape Effective Channel Length 
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  • J. Ueda
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  1. 1.OKI Electric Industry CorporationHachioji, Tokyo 193Japan

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