The potential for poliovirus eradication

  • N. A. Ward


“Poliomyelitis has the potential to be globally eliminated and the causative wild polioviruses to be totally eradicated. Excellent vaccines with high levels of safety are available. Sound policies with the capacity to eradicate the virus have been developed and, throughout the Americas and in other areas, demonstrated to be highly effective. These policies require that routine immunization be supplemented by the mass administration of oral polio vaccine to a wide age range within a limited period of time throughout high risk areas. Strong political will for polio eradication has been expressed through various international fora, including by Heads of State in the 1990 World Summit for Children. When implemented through the correct policies, activities aimed at polio eradication have the potential to further develop primary health care in the fields of immunization, surveillance, epidemiology and laboratory services. The major limitations, which are threatening the success of polio eradication are a shortage of resources, especially available vaccine, insufficient commitment to the target, competing interests and civil or military disturbance.”


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