Evaluation by dose-response curves

  • Gerald Pöch


Various models of agonism of drug action have been developed, expressed and interpreted by DRCs (e.g., Ariëns et al. 1956a, b; Black and Leff 1983; Ehlert 1986, 1988). Also, models of synergism and antagonism have been expressed by DRCs (e.g., Van den Brink 1977; Unkelbach and Wolf 1985a, b; Mackay 1981; Plummer and Short 1990). Most of the interaction models were used to study the effects of one agent in the presence of fixed doses of another agent (e.g., Ariëns et al. 1956a, b; Van den Brink 1977).


Partial Agonist Independent Action Intrinsic Activity Full Agonist Insecticidal Effect 
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