The taxane diterpenoids form a unique class of natural products containing the unusual taxane skeleton (1.1) or closely related skeletons and occurring in various members of the genus Taxus (Taxaceae) and closely related genera. Initial interest in the constituents of Taxus species was sparked by the known toxicity of T. baccata, or the English yew, since human fatalities due to ingestion of this plant were recorded as long ago as the first century B.C.. Thus Julius Caesar, speaking of his wars against the Gallic tribes, writes “Catuvolcus, who was king of half of the Eburones and had joined Ambiorix in the conspiracy, was now old and weak, unable to endure the hardships of war or flight. He solemnly cursed Ambiorix for instigating the conspiracy, and then poisoned himself with yew, a tree which is very common in Gaul and in Germany” (27).


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