The Digestive Tract

  • S. H. Aharinejad
  • A. Lametschwandtner


The vasculature of lingual papillae has been studied by light microscopy of India ink injected specimens for years [1–3]. It has been suggested that the taste buds in the foliate papillae of the rabbit have a sinusoidal circulation and that the possibility exists that some of the fluid parts of the blood may leak into the taste buds and so serve to wash them and surrounding epithelium free of taste stimulating agents [3]. Later investigations showed the presence of central sinusoids in the foliate papillae of the rabbit [1]. They build the central core of the papillae and run longitudinally along the whole extent of the papillae and connect with the larger deeper lying sinusoids. Although larger sinusoids were found in the papillae, the taste buds were shown to be supplied by a system of capillary loops and shunts [1], and not by a sinusoidal system as was postulated earlier [3]. Large arteries were not present in the papillae, but they were associated with serous glands and with the muscles underlying the foliate zone [1]. This is in clear contrast to the hypothesis that the sinusoids are associated with the gustatory epithelium and with the papillae [3].


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