The Cardiovascular and Respiratory System

  • S. H. Aharinejad
  • A. Lametschwandtner


The vascularization of the heart has been dealt with in numerous papers. This organ is without doubt of especial clinical interest, particularly if the high incidence of ischemic heart diseases is considered. From the morphological point of view, several questions have attracted the interest of researchers. The existence and topology of Thebesian vessels, for example, have been discussed for years [1–5] but general agreement was not achieved amongst the authors. Macroscopic studies of corrosion casts, angiography of coronary vessels, as well as the study of India ink injected specimens served as further methods for demonstrating the variations of coronary vessels, blood supply of the heart conductive system, and pathological changes of myocardial vasculature [6–12]. When the scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts was applied to the vasculature of the heart, some controversial questions could be cleared up [19, 20].


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