Bronchial Provocation Testing in Children — Methods and Clinical Relevance

  • Karl F. Kerrebijn
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Bronchial responsiveness is measured by means of dose-response-curves to bronchoconstricting agents. Bronchial sensitivity is determined by the position of the dose-response-curve. In asthmatics it is shifted to the left. So sensitivity is measured by the position of the curve, a leftward shift is called a hypersensitivity. But that is not the only phenomenon, there is more. Normals and mild asthmatics have a plateau, they have a maximal level of bronchoconstriction. That is very important because a maximal level of bronchoconstriction indicates that airways can only narrow to a certain level. Normals show a plateau at low level, mild asthmatics and COPD-patients show intermediate plateau values, and in severe asthmatics a plateau cannot be measured unless we bring the patient into a danger.


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