Arthroscopic Bankart refixation techniques

  • W. Glötzer
  • H. Resch
  • H. Thöni
  • P. Habermeyer
  • E. Wiedemann
  • K. Golser
  • A. Kathrein
  • G. Sperner


There is no doubt that arthroscopy has an important role in the diagnosis of recurrent shoulder subluxation [6, 9, 12]. Consequently, a variety of arthroscopic methods have emerged in the treatment of recurrent shoulder subluxation and subsequently that of recurrent dislocation. Johnson published a stapling technique [19], but this has a relatively high complication rate [18, 21]. In this hospital, we have developed a successful extraarticular screw fixation technique (see Chap. 6.3). Morgan published a suturing technique which originally entailed tying the sutures posteriorly and, in the latest modification, anteriorly over the glenoid labrum [22]. A similar technique was described by Caspari in 1988 [11]. The following suturing technique was published for the first time in 1987 [15]. By using this suturing technique, the Bankart operation in the modification of Bunnell [10] is performed arthroscopically.


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