Color-coded Doppler sonography of the veins of the neck and upper extremities

  • P. Hübsch
  • S. Trattnig


The cervical veins can be divided into superficial and deep veins with respect to their position relative to the deep cervical fascia. The superficial veins drain the blood mostly to the external jugular vein. The internal jugular vein (IJV), which is the largest vein in the neck, receives blood from the sigmoid sinus, skull, face and a large portion of the neck (Fig. 1). The IJV is easily assessed sonographically, descending lateral to the internal and common carotid arteries to its junction with the brachiocephalic vein. Only the most cranial portion of the vein, including the superior bulb, cannot be sonographically visualized; the inferior bulb is readily demonstrated in most cases. Because of the clinical importance of the IJV, this vessel deserves special attention during sonographic evaluation of the neck.


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