Treatment of Heroin Abuse and AIDS in Italy

  • D. Serraino
Conference paper


The number of AIDS cases associated with intravenous drug use is substantial in most countries (32% of all cases in Western Europe) (European Centre For The Epidemiological Monitoring Of AIDS, 1990), but the problem is especially serious in Italy, which has one of the highest proportion in the world of cases due to the illicit use of intravenous drugs. As of December, 1990, 8,227 AIDS cases were registered in Italy: 5,424 (66%) occurred among intravenous drug users (IVDUs) (Ministero della Sanità, 1991). Furthermore, 281 out of 514 cases (55%) among Italian heterosexuals were partners of IVDUs and 115 out of 204 (56%) children with AIDS were born from IVDU mothers infected with HIV (Ministero della Sanità, 1991).


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