The Mitochondrial Genome of Plants

  • David M. Lonsdale
  • Jean Michel Grienenberger
Part of the Plant Gene Research book series (GENE)


That mitochondria contained DNA was first demonstrated in Neurospora by Luck and Reich (1964). Since then the mtDNA of many eukaryotes has been studied extensively. In the metazoa, particularly mammals, amphibia, reptiles, fish, flies, birds, sea urchins, etc., the mitochondrial genomes are small circular molecules of approximately 16 kb, some of which have been sequenced. This has shown that for all of the vertebrate and invertebrate genomes the genetic information is compactly organized, is predominantly on one strand and that there are no differences in the genetic composition, though the organization of the genomes differs from one group of organisms to another (Wolstenholme et al., 1987; Jacobs et al., 1988).


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