The expression of human MAO-A and B genes

  • J. C. Shih
  • J. Grimsby
  • K. Chen
Part of the Journal of Neural Transmission book series (NEURAL SUPPL, volume 32)


Northern analysis using 32P-labeled subfragments of human liver MAO-A and B cDNA clones detected 5Kb and 3Kb transcripts, respectively in fetal tissues and adult brains. The tissue distribution of these transcripts was determined. Small intestine and placenta express, in addition to the MAO-A 5Kb transcript, a 2Kb transcript determined to lack a 3′ flanking region. MAO-A appeared prior to MAO-B in the fetal brain, whereas both MAO-A and B were found in adult brain.


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  • J. C. Shih
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  • J. Grimsby
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  • K. Chen
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