Osteoid Osteoma Affecting Articular Process at the Cervical Spine: Infrequent Localization and Difficult Diagnosis

  • C. Villas
  • R. Lopez
  • A. Arrien
  • J. Zubieta
Conference paper


We present three cases of osteoid osteoma affecting the cervical spine, located in the articular process, an infrequent localization and thus a difficult diagnosis.

We found scintigraphy to be of invaluable assistance in revealing the presence of this small nodular lesion of the spine. And we found the CAT scan study useful for its precise localization of the tumor. Both modalities were used as a basis for deciding upon a viable surgical approach. Without such techniques, correct diagnosis may be made too late.

In our experience, surgical resection of the osteoid osteoma brings about immediate relief of the symptoms.


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  • C. Villas
    • 1
  • R. Lopez
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  • A. Arrien
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  • J. Zubieta
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