Surgery of the Temporo-Medial Region

  • Rezio Raffaele Renella


“In the modern practice of the surgery of the brain and its envelopes, we have indeed little to offer that is new in the practice, the slightest glance at medical history forbids that conclusion, but the reasons for our methods belong to us alone; and our century, although the heir of accumulated wisdom of ages that are past, will have more to give to the posterity in solid knowledge than any half dozen centuries that have preceded it, and particularly in the matter of diagnosis. We have the surgical engine operated by an electric motor, which will turn the drills and the circular saw, and this is an undoubted advance, but the principles of operating are the same now as in the Hippocratic period” (John B.Hamilton 1892).


Posterior Cerebral Artery Parahippocampal Gyrus Sylvian Fissure Temporal Horn Anterior Choroid Artery 
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