Neuroimaging of Temporo-Medial Lesions

  • Rezio Raffaele Renella


The temporo-medial region is situated around the cerebral peduncle and between the supratentorial and infratentorial spaces. It has a floor, a roof and four walls. The floor is formed by the dorsal arachnoidea of the crural and ambient cisterns, the free tentorial edge and the medial aspect of the tentorium. The structures forming the roof are the temporal stem and the transverse supratemporal gyrus. The anterior wall corresponds to the Sylvian cistern and the posterior limit lies at the junction between the parahippocampal and the temporo-occipital gyri. The medial wall includes the lateral peduncle, the inferior thalamus and the isthmus of the cingulate gyrus. Finally, the lateral boundary lies in the sagittal plane through the collateral sulcus and the lateral wall of the inferior ventricular horn.


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