Phenolsulfotransferase (PST) and PAPS in catecholamine metabolism in human tissues: an overview

  • K. P. Wong
  • B. Y. Khoo
  • T. M. C. Tan
  • K. H. Sit
Part of the Journal of Neural Transmission book series (NEURAL SUPPL, volume 29)


Sulfate conjugation in vitro was studied in a number of human tissues, such as the platelets, liver as well as in human foetal liver cells in culture. Essentially, the two enzymes involved in PAPS generation and PST were measured either singly or in combination, representing PAPS generation, PST and the overall three-step sulfate conjugation. These activities in the liver and platelets were comparable in magnitude. In the platelets, PAPS generation and PST activities showed a good correlation to the overall sulfate conjugation. With the expression of these activities in human foetal liver cells in culture, it is anticipated that such cells can be employed as model systems for the study of sulfate conjugation in man.


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  • B. Y. Khoo
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  • T. M. C. Tan
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  • K. H. Sit
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