Three-Body Calculations of πN Scattering

  • Humberto Garcilazo
  • Leopold Mathelitsch
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 2)


In this paper we try to answer the question of whether the resonance-like patterns, which are visible in most of the pion-nucleon partial states, can be explained by the coupling of the elastic πN-channel to the inelastic πΔ- and. ρN-channels. This investigation is done within the framework of relativistic three-body equations for the πN-ππN system using separable interactions as input for the two-body subsystems.


Partial Wave Separable Potential Phase Shift Analysis Argand Diagram Separable Interaction 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Humberto Garcilazo
    • 1
  • Leopold Mathelitsch
    • 2
  1. 1.Institut für KernphysikKernforschungszentrum KarlsruheKarlsruheDeutschland
  2. 2.Institut für Theoretische PhysikUniversität GrazGrazAustria

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